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Barbara and I had a fantastic time over in America staying with friends Stuart and Suzanne in their wonderful homes In Maryland and West Virginia. During our stay we took the opportunity to drive down the Blue Ridge Mountains, Visit Washington, including the White House, take in Pennsylvania with a visit to Amish county and Gettysburg. We even bumped into Senator John McCain..

In The White House Rose Garden
White House Press
Representing CNN
Pleased as punch
Bloomin Lovely
Steaks American Style
Birthday Boy
Fancy A Paddle
Just Good Friends
6;5 Special
Just Peachy
Porch at Sunset
New Friends
Thank You
OK I'll Buy It
Desirable Waterfront Residence
Playing For My Supper
Best Of Friends
Maryland Crab Cakes
Sweet and tender
All The Fun
Pig Racing
Gobble That Turkey Leg