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A mature professional musician (drummer) still working on the nostalgia circuit with The Fortunes


My full and proper name is Paul Hooper.I live on the North East coast of England at the point that Northumberland becomes wild, windy, and interesting. I share a home with my partner Barbara and our two black Labs, Gypsy and Holly.
I am a professional drummer having worked in various bands since the sixties. I have been a member of the hit recording group The Fortunes since the early 80s.

I am still very interested in music and have an ever growing large collection of vinyl and cds together with piles of literature on the subject.

Born in Wolverhampton Uk in 1948, my earliest memories are of living in Bahrain, Persian Gulf where my father worked for the Caltex Oil Company. I returned to the UK to finish my education in Boarding school.

Whilst a border I learned to play the drums and from that moment never wanted to do anything else. I have made my living doing just that and my career has taken me into countless recording studios,
on TV and Radio and in thousands of concert venues all over the world.

I also have a side line interest. I have set up a small video recording and editing company which I find to be very creative and artistically satisfying, and I am currently developing an interest in stills photography.


Music, The Blues, Singer Songwriters, Jackson Browne, Little Feat, James Taylor, Joni Mitchell. Enjoy many artists from Abba to Zappa. Videographer and run a video film and editing company called Creative Cam Co. Favourite authors include Steinbeck, Hemingway, John Le Carre, Gerald Seymour. I also like non fictional historic literature. Hobbies include video filming and editing. Stills photography. Cinema.