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  • John Wilson - Home Page
    John Wilson is a great singer/songwriter. I was once in a band called "The Dodgers" with him. We have remained in touch and I have produced DVDs for him. Check out his site.
  • timjamesblues Home Page
    Tim is a really close friend who has had a site for as long as it was possible. If I need to know what I or my friends were doing since the year dot..this is where I find it out.
  • Creative Cam Co - professional video and editing services
    A link to my Video Film/Edit company website.
  • The Fortunes Photo Page
    Alex Hoek is a good friend to both myself and The Fortunes. Check out his site which he has dedicated to The Fortunes and you'll see lots of pics not even seen on the official Fortunes website.
  • AndyBlog
    Andy Curtis is a rare breed.He is a creative and multi- talented, very articulate, and highly intelligent individual who's blog outshines most in it's capacity to both astound and amuse. Check it out.
  • LuLu
    Rebecca de'Wessington, good neighbour and purveyor of Northumbrian delights via her "Northumbia Pride" retail outlet. Always en-devouring to bring class and culture to the table. This is her blog.
  • Persistent
    The blog of Ian de'Wessington partner of Rebecca. The most resourceful man I know. I often wake to his whittling arrows in the yard and applaud his industry.
  • Smitham's Meanderings
    Michael is the longest serving member of The Fortunes, a great guitarist, a good friend. Check out his blog
  • Jason Thompson
    Jason, another drummer and media merchant and good friend. Check out his blog cause it's always interesting.

America 2008 Maryland

  • Gobble That Turkey Leg
    Barbara and I had a fantastic time over in America staying with friends Stuart and Suzanne in their wonderful homes In Maryland and West Virginia. During our stay we took the opportunity to drive down the Blue Ridge Mountains, Visit Washington, including the White House, take in Pennsylvania with a visit to Amish county and Gettysburg. We even bumped into Senator John McCain..

Autumn Gold

  • Rainbows-End
    As part of a photographic course I'm attending we were asked to take some images representing Autumn. Here are a few of my photographs taken from a couple of separate days out with the camera two weeks ago.

Canadian Winter

  • Winter-river-bank
    March 2009 and The Fortunes do a mini tour of Prairie Land Canada, taking in Winnipeg, Regina, Moose Jaw, Edmonton and finally Calgary. It was cold , it was flat but it was invigorating. The band went down very well and every one wants us back. Here are a few photos of the landscape variety. All the personal ones can be found on the Fortunes Website.

Dubai August 09

  • Dubai-Water feature
    Our Holiday this year of 2009 was spent in Dubai....too hot to actually enjoy sightseeing was the order of the day...and many sights were seen, This album contains only a fraction of many photos that were taken...I have chosen those that have a difference to them or some artistic merit. This naturally means that by and large they are objects and locations rather than posed snaps.

Hadrian's Wall

  • HW 010a
    Hadrian's Wall , Northumberland Easter 2009.
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