> Dubai August 09

Our Holiday this year of 2009 was spent in Dubai....too hot to actually enjoy sightseeing was the order of the day...and many sights were seen, This album contains only a fraction of many photos that were taken...I have chosen those that have a difference to them or some artistic merit. This naturally means that by and large they are objects and locations rather than posed snaps.

Dubai Palace Hotel Exterior
Dubai Mall
Dubai The Build Goes On
Dubai Al Manzil Hotel
Dubai Desert
Dubai Smile Please
Dubai Table Dressing
Dubai Burj Al Arab Interior
Dubai Batutta Mall
Dubai Batutta Mall 02
Dubai Al Manzil Hotel
Dubai Al Manzil Hotel Entrance
Dubai Creek
Dubai Creek Sunset
Dubai Deria Souks
Dubai Contrat
Dubai Walks
Dubai Old Town
Dubai Old Town 02
Dubai Texture
Dubai Old Town 03
Dubai Water Features
Dubai Local Souk
Dubai Souk Alley
Dubai Souk Alley 02
Dubai Burj Dubai
Dubai Palace Hotel Exterior 02
Dubai Water Features 02
Dubai Arabian Gateway
Dubai Al Manzil Reception
Dubai Al Manzil Courtyard
Dubai Clean Lines
Dubai Shade
Dubai Al Manzil Pool
Dubai jumeirah Mosque
Dubai Jumeirah Mosque 02
Dubai Mosque Detail
Dubai Jumeirah Mosque Interior
Dubai Jumeirah Mosque Prayer
Dubai 006
Dubai Steel And Glass
Dubai Shaikh Zayed Road
Dubai shaikh Zayed Road 02
Dubai Al Manzil Courtyard 02
Dubai Palm Frond
Dubai Culture
Dubai Jumeirah Mosque Interior 04
Dubai Mother Teresa
Dubai Old Town Water At Night